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PostSubject: RULES HERE   Sun Feb 03, 2008 4:42 am

These are the rules.

  • Don't be stupid

  • Use proper text

  • Don't spam

  • Use only one account

  • Try to spell correctly

  • No advertising

  • No mini-modding

  • No Really Big Signatures

  • No Swearing


Spam: unmeaningful post E.G.


hi guys. nice anims.

that sort of thing.

No Advertising: advertising as in trying to sell stuff or something. for example
im selling some lemon juice at the supermarket today everyone come down.
I know it sounds random but hey, it could happen.

Mini Modding: like spam but with correct spelling. not allowed.

Really big signatures: this is place to find out about it here.

I dont want to destroy anyones account, but i will not hesitate if you push the limits.

mods, you have moderator points which means if your a bad/weird mod you will lose one. you have 5 mod points when you fiirst become a mod.
good job everybody.



Obey the Punch - Read the rules
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